VIVI Friulane

VIVI Friulane shoes are crafted by hand using materials of the finest quality.

It is our intention not only to create beautiful products but also to ensure their longevity and durability through appropriate care and maintenance.

Culture and tradition lies at the heart of Friulane footwear

Friulane footwear was born at the end of the Second World War, in the Friuli region in north-eastern Italy.

​Women made these shoes from different materials, such as velvet or hessian. To make the soles, they retrieved and recycled bicycle tyres.

​Later, in Venice, it was the gondoliers who adopted them because of their comfort but also for their rubber soles, which didn’t damage the varnish on the gondolas.


VIVI x Four seasons private jet experience

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VIVI x Four Seasons hotels

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VIVI x Arloe

VIVI Friulane & Arloe launch their first Capsule together.

Arloe is an eco-conscious, luxury swimwear brand with a natural desire to restore the environment. 



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